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REV Kids

We love our kids and believe that every child can experience God no matter their age. There is no junior Holy Spirit and God desires to pour out His Spirit on them and give them revelation on who they are in Christ.


Equipping our children when they are young gives them the tools they need to over come the obstacles they will face as they grow. Sunday’s are full of activities that build the body, soul and spirit of every child because their destiny shouldn’t wait to be discovered. From infants through grade school your child will experience loving and anointed workers dedicated to releasing God’s Love.


REV Babies: 0-1 years of age

REV Toddlers: 2-preschool

REV Kids: kindergarten - 5th grade

REV Youth

REV YOUTH Ministries is for Middle School and High School Students who desire relationship with God and each other. Life is tough and becomes even tougher when we don’t know who we are in Christ. Our youth find the revelation that God has created everyone with tremendous potential and a destiny that is greater than they thought. Our leaders help students find their identity, develop their potential and encourage relationships that propel our youth into real success and security.


Meeting at least every month, men are getting revelation on how to become a Godly and influential leader in their homes, at their jobs and in every walk of life. Relationship with one another is vital in experiencing all God has for men. From bible studies to car shows and hikes on the mountain tops we learn to live life together.

REV Women

Meeting weekly our ladies are learning that God has a desire to reveal His Love for them, while empowering them to be women of virtue, integrity and influence. Building genuine relationships through bible study, conferences or just a cup of coffee women become everything God has created them to be..

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